Thanks Amanda for Helping Me Get Through a Rough Spot!

I have had rheumatoid arthritis for many years. Recently I fell and broke my wrist. The fall also triggered an arthritis flare up in my right hip and left shoulder. CT scan showed no fractures. I had difficulty tolerating the side effects of the prescription pain medications. Over the counter remedies were not safe, reliable solutions. Meanwhile, I started limping due to the hip pain which made walking difficult. An injection was out of the question.

Some family and friends found acupuncture helpful for various problems. Unfortunately, their acupuncturists were out of state. Left without any options for relief, I decided to try acupuncture, which was the best decision I could have ever made! The day after the first treatment, I felt a little better. After the third treatment, all symptoms were gone and have not returned!

I found Amanda while researching the available licensed acupuncturists in Dallas. I went onto her website and knew I had found the right one. She is well educated and nationally credentialed, experienced, and state licensed. She is very caring, listens carefully to your concerns and questions. After a thorough evaluation, she develops a treatment plan based on your needs, and explains the treatment goals.

Amanda has raised my awareness regarding how the foods we eat can impact your overall health, especially processed foods. It’s outrageous how many of our foods have high fructose sugar. I have made several changes in the foods I buy and prepare to improve the quality of our nutrition.

Acupuncture was a safe, effective approach to calm things down, (no side effects!). It helped me to function more comfortably, rest better, and focus on the physical therapy goals for my wrist. It has been very beneficial for managing my health issues during a challenging time.

A Retired Health Professional*

Five Element Acupuncture played a major role and was a great assistance, especially my early recovery, from alcoholism and the cravings and obsessions associated with it. After completing multiple medical detoxification and rehabilitation programs, I found it very difficult to retain my sobriety. Even with 12-step program attendance, I found the cravings for alcohol too much and would usually relapse shortly after my journey back into the “real world”.

I added something new to my recovery program this time and things have been different. I have been sober for more than 3 1/2 years. Granted, I was more dedicated than ever to my 12-step program and lifestyle changes, but the Five Element Acupuncture with Amanda Melo helped release the cravings that I would have to fight. I constantly felt a physiological desire to pick up a drink, and experienced uncomfortable symptoms like anxiety and agitation when this desire occurred. Amanda’s treatments seems to greatly alleviate my uncomfortable symptoms. I felt better all around and lost that phenomenon of craving that was my undoing so many times in the past.

I would highly recommend Amanda’s acupuncture treatment as an integral part of a holistic spiritual, 12-step program of recovery from alcoholism.

A grateful recovering alcoholic who wishes to remain anonymous and two-time Hawaii Ironman qualifier & finisher. 12 time Boston Marathon finisher.

Amanda Melo gave me my first acupuncture treatment. She was referred to me by a friend who was being treated by her for a shoulder problem. I was suffering from too much weight, stress, high blood pressure and a way too busy lifestyle. For several years Amanda helped my keep my weight, stress and blood pressure under control with her acupuncture treatments. I enjoyed the relaxed feeling I had following a treatment and felt life it also kept my hectic life in balance. Amanda is an excellent caregiver and acupuncturist! After she left Florida, I have used three different acupuncturists and now know how really good Amanda is. Do yourself a favor and book an appointment with her.

J. Roach

Amanda Melo’s Acupuncture Healing!

Two days before Halloween, I accidentally banged my right ankle very hard on some wooden steps in my bedroom. Although the pain was great, I thought it would only result in a bruise. Through Halloween weekend and the next week, I worked on it and walked on it, wearing business dress shoes. In time, my whole ankle, foot and toes swelled up, was extremely painful, tender and in no time I was having to wear a slipper, use a cane and keep my foot elevated much of the time with an icepack. I went to my PCP doctor who x-rayed it, and even UTSW’s Orthopedic Outpatient Clinic. Nothing was broken. They called it an ankle “sprain,” told me to elevate, put ice on it, wear a boot and allow for 5-6 weeks or so to heal. I did all that and it only got worse—much worse. Luckily, I knew about Amanda Melo and her healing acupuncture practice. She immediately diagnosed the problem as 1) deep blunt force injury, not a sprain, 2) no circulation was occurring, 3) no healing could happen, and 4) I could be in danger of it getting much worse, leading to infection and more serious problems. After only three acupuncture treatments, I began to see significant circulation restored, healing, swelling reduced, pain reduced, bruising subsiding, and after six treatments, I’m almost 100% back to normal and wearing dress socks and shoes again with no pain. This would not have happened had I followed the first two doctors’ advice. I might very well have lost the foot without Amanda’s prompt and effective intervention. Although there is obviously a place for “modern” Western medicine, my utilization of a 2,000 year old Chinese medical therapy was a far superior solution because it actually harnessed my body’s ability to heal itself and cleared the pathways for healthy circulation to resume, and for the swelling and pain to quickly reduce. I took no medications (except Tylenol for awhile), and did not have to stay in a chair or bed during the workday. My family and I are now ardent advocates for acupuncture as an effective option for various ailments, having seen first-hand the fundamental failure of Western approaches in this simple case vs. the successful, wholistic and much more strategic application of Eastern medical practice. I was really surprised at the failure of standard Western medical practice to address a relatively simple problem, and equally delighted at the unexpected results from Amanda’s much more strategic, targeted and effective care. I will be much quicker in the future to consider alternative approaches when Western doctors either misdiagnose the problem, or just throw drugs at it. Western doctors have big gaps in their knowledge of how to treat many conditions, and it pays to consider alternatives such as acupuncture when there is so much clinical evidence that it works to stimulate healing and recovery.

S. Cotton, Dallas*


I have chronic back pain and have been treated by several specialists over many years. The only relief I could get was through prescription drugs. This was not the path I wanted to follow.

I was preparing for a month-long trip to Europe in early Fall 2009. I knew the touring was going to be long and stressful for me due to the chronic paid I endure.

Due to a doctor’s recommendation, I began looking into acupuncture treatments. I traveled from Oklahoma to Dallas to receive treatments from Ms. Melo, again based on the recommendation of a doctor. Because of those treatments, I was able to enjoy a month-long trip to Europe, visiting Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

Traveler with Praise

NO MORE STRESS OR HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE MEDICINE! I initially sought treatment because of stress and sleep issues, which were both addressed & alleviated. But more impressive than that, the high blood pressure I acquired 12 years ago through a multiple birth pregnancy, went away and I was able to stop my medication per doctor’s orders! I work hard to keep healthy in my physical & nutritional life and acupuncture adds to that to complete the balance. I highly recommend this relaxing and very centering treatment!

A.L. Attorney & Personal Trainer, Dallas

For several years, I suffered from generalized anxiety issues including medical anxiety. Although I’m a young 41 years old, repeated trips to the doctor assured I was in perfect health, this did not allow for any comfort on my part. I came to the conclusion this was a real problem when I found myself afraid to be home alone or out of contact with medical help, should the need arise. I would even go as far as having my mobile phone next to me at all times, ya know, just in case. I’ve never had medical issues and consciously knew this was all in my head, but still couldn’t shake the anxiety with all the logic and inner dialog that I could muster. I contacted Amanda to see if this is something she could treat or if I was in fact totally nuts! After four treatments the anxiety disappeared and never returned! It’s amazing. Amanda, quite literally, saved my life!

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